• Ahmad Hussain Itthadi


Precautions, dehydration, medical experts, sunken eyes


Taking precautions and providing the body with adequate amount of water can avoid the risk of dehydration. Try to stay inside your home or office as much as possible between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM in extreme heat or cold because Luya Heat. In the case of waves, the body temperature is likely to be 42 degrees Celsius, which affects the body's controlling system and causes the muscles of the body to stiffen. Pain, dizziness and nausea begin to occur, the blood supply to important parts of the body is not normal, the affected people also start vomiting, the body becomes weak, such a patient should be taken to the hospital immediately. Delay can be fatal. Similarly, diabetic patients need to be more careful in hot weather. In hot weather, you must consume at least 3 liters of water per day, people with kidney disease should drink water continuously during the day and keep an eye on blood pressure because heat stroke can occur due to lack of water in the body, in such a situation, children and adults all Immediately o. R. The prepared drink of S should be given. The severity of dehydration can also be reduced by giving skunjabin (lemon water) to children above two years of age. A dehydrated patient should be moved to a cool place. Lie down and elevate the feet slightly. Water frequently. Cool the skin. Apply water strips and fan. It is also good to keep a cold pack around the armpits or neck. Do not leave the affected patient alone. If the condition worsens, transfer the patient to the nearest hospital. Keep drinking water to avoid dehydration. Bathe with cold water. Wear light colored loose clothing. Pour water on face and clothes. Avoid going out unnecessarily in hot weather.




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